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In the fast-paced world of the financial industry, efficient document management is paramount. For a large Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), the need to seamlessly track and manage documents, especially those submitted by clients for loan applications, is critical. This is where DocPro comes into play. By implementing DocPro, our client has revolutionized its document management process, bringing order, efficiency, and reliability to their operations.

Here is a comprehensive overview of how DocPro has been implemented to streamline the document management process for our NBFC client:

  1. Barcoding and Allocation:
  • The Document Management Unit (DMU) team uploads allocated barcodes from the vendor into the DocPro which acts as a Document Tracking System application.
  • These barcodes are then assigned to the Credit team in various branches for document tracking.
  1. Alerts and Reorder Management:
  • DocPro shares alerts for Barcode reorder levels based on defined threshold limits for each branch.
  • It tracks barcode usage per branch location and alerts the respective regional DMU for barcode refilling when necessary.
  1. Data Entry and Integration:
  • The Credit team performs data entry for all documents received in the Core system.
  • DocPro is integrated with the Core system for seamless data migration.
  1. Document Assignment and Scanning:
  • Upon receiving login files, the Credit team searches for customer applications in DocPro.
  • They assign and scan barcodes, capturing the inward date for each document received.
  1. Categorization:
  • The credit team categorizes customer documents in DocPro as “File" (e.g., loan application forms, KYC documents) and “Docket" (e.g., original property papers).
  1. Dispatch and Courier Details:
  • Credit Team dispatches “File" documents to Branch Operations and “Docket" documents to the Legal team.
  • They enter courier details (Courier Name, Courier Date, AWB No) in DocPro for tracking purposes.
  1. Outward Document Tracking:
  • DocPro captures the outward date when documents are dispatched by the Credit team to Legal and Ops.
  • Barcode scanning for inward/outward operations appends user information into the system with a timestamp.
  1. Legal Handover:
  • Original property documents are dispatched/handed over to the Legal team.
  • Legal team performs the inward of documents by scanning barcodes and capturing inward details.
  1. LOD Preparation and Dispatch:
  • Legal team prepares the Letter of Demand (LOD) and arranges for dispatch/handover of original property papers.
  • Outward details are captured by scanning the barcode.
  1. Branch Operations Inward:
  • Branch Ops inward “File" documents in DocPro through barcode scanning.
  • Document reconciliation and marking of discrepancies are enabled.
  1. Document Reconciliation:
  • Branch Ops reconciles documents received, marking any discrepancies in DocPro.
  1. Dispatch to DMU:
  • In case of no discrepancies, Branch Ops dispatch “File" and “Docket" to the DMU team.
  • They enter courier details (Courier Name, Courier Date, AWB No) in DocPro.
  1. Outward Document Tracking (DMU):
  • DocPro captures the outward date when documents are dispatched by Branch Ops to DMU.
  1. Vendor Interaction:
  • DMU uploads file barcodes and Box Barcodes received from the vendor in DocPro.
  1. Vendor Dispatch:
  • In the absence of discrepancies, DMU affixes a Parent Barcode on “File" and “Docket" documents before dispatching them to the vendor.
  • Courier details (Courier Name, Courier Date, AWB No) are recorded in DocPro.
  1. Request for Retrieval:
  • Retrieval requests are initiated through DocPro by the DMU team.
  • Receipt of documents inward is done by scanning barcodes.
  1. Discrepancy Handling:
  • Discrepancies are marked by the DMU team in DocPro for flagged notifications.
  1. Barcode Management:
  • DMU can upload file barcodes and Box Barcodes received from the vendor into DocPro.




The implementation of DocPro has brought significant enhancements to our client's document management process. From barcoding and categorization to dispatch, reconciliation, and vendor interactions, every step is seamlessly tracked and managed through the intuitive DocPro. This robust system has empowered our client to efficiently handle the document-intensive loan application process while ensuring data accuracy and security at every stage. With DocPro, our client is better equipped to meet regulatory compliance and deliver exceptional service to its customers.

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