Document Management System

DocPro Document Management System Software

DocPro DMS helps you to ensure and get complete control over your digital assets.

Document Management System


Reduce physical document storage & movement

Reduce time and costs involved in searching & retrieval


Preserve intellectual capital as well as organizational knowledge

Secure your digital assets

Implement best practices for Document Management

Improved regulatory compliance

Is the pile up of physical documents in your office frustrating you?

Are you scared about the safety of your company’s sensitive data?

Are your media assets unorganized?

If your answer to any of the above is yes then, it is time you replace the bulky cabinet files with DocPro Document Management System. DocPro DMS is an excellent document management software that helps boost your business efficiency, increase productivity, reduce expenditure, become more organized and brings many benefits to your organization.

What does DocPro Document Management System do for you?

In simple terms, DocPro Document Management System is a solution that enables the digital management of documents. It is a framework that makes easy the administration of advanced reports used to manage, track, and store archives. You can track and store all documents in a central location using DocPro DMS over the intranet of your organization or on cloud.

You can put all your important documents on DocPro DMS, like work guidelines, strategy documents, and SOPs, ensuring that everything is under control. Disorganized and unsupervised documentation work can result in business loss and or even compromise the business’s sensitive information.

Doc Pro Document Management Software from Chrome Infosoft

DocPro Document Management System is brought to you by Chrome Infosoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has many years of experience in document management, digitization, workflow management etc. DocPro is an easy to use and cost-effective solution for your document management needs.

DocPro Document Management Solution empowers business organizations to have complete control over their organization’s documents and maintain the safety and integrity of the information.

It is an excellent product incorporating some highly innovative features, such as workflow automation, full-text indexing, collaboration features, advanced search features, sharing, versioning, and much more. With advanced security features that ensure that access to any of your sensitive information is controlled, DocPro is an excellent way to gain centralized document storage for your business.

DocPro DMS – Why it is Unique and Innovative?

Document Management System from Chrome Infosoft is an advanced tool used by many companies spanning various industry segments, to store and track electronic documents and scanned documents.

DocPro document management software helps the enforcement of your organization’s record management policies. At the same time, it allows you to conveniently store, obtain, and share diverse data related to the various business processes in your organization.

DocPro DMS Software incorporates numerous rich features that are innovative and unique to it. For this reason, it is already being used in numerous industry domains, like BFSI, Telecom, Government Organizations, Defense, and more.

Another unique aspect of Chrome Infosoft’ s DocPro document management system software is that it comes with a simple interface to manage, capture, serve, and store records and documents. DocPro is also available as cloud document management system or SaaS version in case you want to take the benefit of making payments monthly.

DocPro Document Management Software Features

While there are many document management solutions available in the market, one thing that makes DocPro DMS Software best among others are its features. DocPro document management software from Chrome Infosoft is a unique solution offering a range of wonderful features to the users. Some of the important features in DocPro DMS Software are as follows. Click here to get in touch with us for a detailed demonstration of all the features.

Here we list some of the top-notch features of this document management software.


Document Security

Strong access control ensures that the documents do not fall in the wrong hands. You can define not only who gets what but also what the user can do with the documents; you can control whether the user can view, download, print, share, create new version etc. for the document. DocPro DMS Software gives you the ability to configure the access control up to the page level of the document.

Version Control & Document Update

DocPro maintains version control by default. You can configure the version numbers as per your requirements. Check-out/check-in feature ensures that no changes to the document are lost because of cross-updates to a document. All versions of the document are available on DocPro document management software.


DocPro DMS is meant for collaboration between different teams and users in your organization. Sharing of documents, annotation, comments and chat are some of the collaboration features available in DocPro.

All annotations and comments are stored in DocPro so that you get a complete view of the discussions had between the team members related to the document.

Document Upload

Users can choose from multiple options to upload the documents in DocPro:

Single file upload
Bulk upload
Using DocPro Scan Tool
Using DocPro HotSync Desktop application

Document Folders

Documents in DocPro DMS are stored in folders. You can create your own folder hierarchy as per your organisations requirements. DocPro provides many properties that you can apply to each folder to suit your requirements.

Document Indexing

Indexes define the fields based on which the documents will be searched. DocPro gives you complete control on how you define the indexes with validations for each of them. You can also define whether an index is mandatory. You can use these indexes for searching the documents quickly.

Document Audit Logs

DocPro maintains a comprehensive audit trail of all of actions and changes that take place on the documents in DocPro DMS. A detailed log for every document can track all events that have taken place throughout the lifecycle of the document.

Document Formats

DocPro supports all the major file formats like Microsoft Office files, Open office files, image formats, PDF, AutoCAD drawing formats and many others. You can get the list of supported formats here. You can upload, view and use other features of DocPro DMS for all the supported formats.

DocPro Document Viewer

DocPro document viewer allows you to view the documents online, so that you can view the contents of the document easily. The viewer has easy navigation features apart from zoom-in/zoom-out, rotation, index-information, linked documents etc. DocPro viewer supports all types of commonly used document formats. You can get the list of supported formats here.

Workflow Management

DocPro DMS has a completely configurable workflow management module. You can design your business process workflows using the workflow configurator. Create your own data-entry fields and incorporate business rules for document flow. DocPro gives you complete visibility of the business processes, allows you to monitor and take corrective action to resolve any bottlenecks in real-time.

Search & Retrieval

DocPro has many easy and intuitive search features that allow users to get access to the documents they need immediately. Global search allows users to enter a phrase and get documents where the phrase occurs in the index fields, file name, control number, document number or within the document.

Advanced Search gives you the ability to create your own search queries and save them in case you want to use the queries again.


DocPro document management software brings numerous benefits to your organization and helps you and your organization become a big success.

Decreased Storage

Competitive edge over others

Flexible indexing of documents

Excellent Collaboration tools

Enhanced safety of documents

Enhanced and regulated document distribution

Digital Archiving

Improved regulatory compliance

Better internal operations

Enhanced, faster, and flexible search in less time

Enhanced customer satisfaction and service

Preserve intellectual capital as well as organizational knowledge

DocPro Document Management System from Chrome Infosoft is an evolving solution ideal for your organization’s document management processes. You can use DocPro Document Management System to enhance business processes at every level of the company. The document management system offers a layer of robust security and is perhaps the safest way of storing and managing documents and files.

If you would like to learn more, you can request for a free demo from our experts here.

Software Screens



Enterprise Edition

Premium Edition

Standard Edition

Web Browser Document Management System
Strong Security Features
Role based Access Control
Indexing and Searching
Document Classification
Document Types
Document Folders
List of Values for Indexing
Advanced Search
Document Sharing
Document Access Trail
Document Version Trail
Detailed Audit Trail
Document Expiry & Notifications
Fully Responsive Web Design
Database Support for MS SQL Server
Document Viewer and Thumbnail View
Email Documents as attachment
Export Reports to Excel
Personalized User profiles with profile image
Download Documents in Original format or PDF format
Store documents in database / file system
Advanced Content Search
Document Sections to identify pages in the document
Version Control
Bulk Upload – Documents & Index
Document Linking
Document Content Search
OCR Engine for Image Content Search
Automated Engine for Full Text Extraction
LDAP / Active Directory Integration
Document Sets
Workflow Management
Document Creation
Template for Document Creation
Master Tables
Scan Tool
External Users (Extra Licenses need to be bought)
CAD (DWG and DXF) Viewing Support
Version Comparison for CAD drawings
Multilingual support
File Formats Supported for Viewing View Formats View Formats View Formats
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Perpetual On-Premises (INR)


Enterprise Edition

Premium Edition

Standard Edition

5 Concurrent User License 8,00,000 6,35,000 1,75,000
10 Concurrent User License 13,00,000 10,35,000 2,85,000
15 Concurrent User License 17,50,000 13,80,000 3,45,000
20 Concurrent User License 21,00,000 16,76,700 4,15,000
25 Concurrent User License 23,00,000 18,58,000 4,55,000
30 Concurrent User License 25,00,000 20,00,000 5,00,000
35 Concurrent User License 26,50,000 21,28,000 5,25,000
40 Concurrent User License 28,00,000 22,42,000 5,50,000
45 Concurrent User License 29,28,000 23,46,000 5,75,000
50 Concurrent User License 30,36,000 24,26,000 6,00,000
60 Concurrent User License 31,87,000 25,53,000 6,25,000
70 Concurrent User License 33,35,000 26,73,000 6,60,000
80 Concurrent User License 35,00,000 28,00,000 6,90,000
90 Concurrent User License 36,50,000 29,25,000 7,20,000
100 Concurrent User License 37,95,000 30,48,000 7,45,000
200 Concurrent User License 60,75,000 48,50,000 11,96,000
300 Concurrent User License 75,90,000 60,75,000 14,95,000
400 Concurrent User License 87,25,000 70,00,000 16,95,000
500 Concurrent User License 94,80,000 75,00,000 18,60,000
Unlimited User License 1,09,00,000 87,50,000 21,50,000
External User Pack of 100 Users 6,35,000 6,35,000 - NA -

Add-on Modules

DocPro DMS Web Services APIs
(Only for 25 concurrent user licenses and above)
7,50,000 7,50,000 - NA -
Template based OCR 7,00,000 7,00,000 - NA -
AI/ML based OCR
Price mentioned is indicative. The AI/ML Model will depend on type of Document (e.g. Invoices, Bank Statements etc.)
9,50,000 9,50,000 - NA -
File Watcher 4,00,000 4,00,000 - NA -
Email Bot 4,50,000 4,50,000 - NA -
Invoice Processing Module 9,50,000 9,50,000 - NA -
Disaster Recovery (DR) Setup 50% of Total Licenses Price 50% of Total Licenses Price - NA -

* Implementation price will be add-on depending on the scope
* Support Warranty - included for 1 year from date of PO
* AMC - 20% after 1 year from date of Purchase Order
* External User - Every User Email that registers using the external link will be treated as one external user license.


DocPro Document Encryption

DocPro Digital Invoice Automation Overview


What is Document Management System?

A document management system is a system used to store, create, track and manage digital documents and thus help in reducing paper. A DMS should be able to keep record of the various versions of the documents created and modified by different users. DocPro not only provides the functionality mentioned above but also has many advanced features that allow you to design, monitor, optimise and improve your business processes.

What are the benefits of Document Management Software?

1. Less storage space
2. Version Control
3. Better collaboration within your teams
4. Design and improve business processes
5. Quick search and retrieval of documents
6. Strong access Control to avoid documents falling in wrong hands
7. Keeps an audit trail of all activities performed on the documents
8. advanced DMS provides analytical capabilities that help in identifying process inefficiencies and improve business processes

What is Document Management System used for?

A document management system is a system used to store, create, track and manage digital documents and thus help in reducing paper. A DMS should be able to keep record of the various versions of the documents created and modified by different users. DocPro not only provides the functionality mentioned above but also has many advanced features that allow you to design, monitor, optimise and improve your business processes.

What are the different types of DMS?

Different types of DMS are as follows:

1. Document Management System/Software/Solution: In the most basic terms a DMS is a software application which helps you to store and manage various types of documents through its entire life-cycle.
2. Records Management Systems: Records management is the activity of archival and filing of records. Records are documents that do not change. Records are a subset of documents and not all documents are records.
3. Workflow / Business Process Management (BPM): Every organisation has several processes related to various functions. Workflow is the definition, execution and automation of business processes where tasks, information or documents are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules. Workflow or BPM systems allow configuration of the process along with the rules.
4. Content Management Systems: As the name suggests a Content Management System (CMS) is used for creating, managing, editing and presenting digital content.
5. Enterprise Content Management Systems: Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a special type of CMS that is used by enterprises or organisations as the name suggests.

Please visit for a more details.

What are the components of Document Management Software?

The major components of any DMS may include the following:

1. Metadata: The DMS must allow to store metadata for the documents which will allow you to search the documents when required. Metadata includes document creation timestamp; identity of the user storing the document and may also include automatic text extraction from the documents (Ful-Text Search). Metadata is useful in identifying the documents and also helps in searching the documents when required 
2. Capture: Many DMS have components for capturing the documents e.g. scanning the physical documents or APIs for getting the documents from other applications.
3. Storage: Storage of the electronic documents is a fundamental component of the DMS. Storage also includes management of the documents in folders, classification and migration from one storage media to another.
4. Search and Retrieval: DMS must allow you to search and retrieve the required documents easily and quickly.
5. Security: The DMS should have strong security components that ensure that the documents are served on a need-to-know basis and that they do not fall in wrong hands. Many DMSs provide end-to-end Encryption of the documents such that the documents can be accessed using only authorized DMS interfaces.
6. Workflow: Workflow modules provide complex functionality to design and implement business processes in your organisation. Many DMS have a built-in workflow module or provide integration with third party workflow systems.
7. Collaboration: A DMS should be able to provide inherent collaboration functionalities such that various users can work in teams on the documents. Collaboration allows inputs form various users on the document and the DMS records and maintains the various inputs of each individual. These inputs can be stored as document history in the DMS.
8. Versioning: Document versions are maintained by the DMS. Versioning should be maintained by allowing check-in/check-out feature, so that cross updates are avoided. Versioning helps by allowing users to reference older versions whenever required.
9. integration: Many document management systems allow users to access and make changes to documents from other applications without directly accessing the DMS. Integration is typically achieved by providing Application Programming Interface (API) layer.  

How scalable is Document Management Software?

A good Document Management System should be scalable to handle large number of documents and to service multiple requests from large number of users. A good DMS is designed and developed with an architecture such that the underlying IT infrastructure is the limiting constraint for its performance. For example, the DMS should be able to store large number of large documents where the storage assigned to the DMS should be the constraint and not the application. When the storage becomes a constraint it can be easily resolved by assigning more storage to the DMS.  

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