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DocPro Workflow Automation Management Software

Configure your workflows & integrate with your
enterprise applications minimizing time & cost for your business processes.
workflow automation software


Define the activities in the workflow process

Assign users to the various activities

Define rules for movement of work from one activity to another

Monitor the progress for the process

Many collaboration features like attachments, comments, annotations etc.

Gain end-to-end visibility of the entire process

Handling various teams, projects, and workflows can become cumbersome without having a proper tool. The increasing complexities of policies, directives, and regulations imposed on day-to-day operations, make streamlining processes, enhancing controls, and reducing wastes an ongoing task.

With DocPro DMS software you can develop a system that allows your organization to input tasks, business rules, route logic, and encourage users to drive business processes. DocPro tracks, notifies, routes and serves as a repository for your employees to perform their tasks.

If you are looking for workflow management system that can streamline your processes and enhance cross-team collaboration, then DocPro is the right tool for you!

DocPro LogoDocPro, the workflow automation software from Chrome Infosoft is designed to help liberate organizations from intricate processes that result in lack of productivity, inefficiency, and unnecessary costs. Chrome Infosoft’s DocPro Workflow Management System is designed to address all business challenges and offer better productivity and absolute digital transformation to your business. It is a brilliant workflow automation solution that delivers analytics and formulate strategies to bring operational excellence to regular workflows and industry-specific processes.

In-Depth Sights of Workflow Management System

DocPro Workflow Management Software leverages technology to help manage as well as maintain the tasks, roles, people, and assignments. With DocPro you can streamline the processes and manage the connections between various activities in an effortless manner. With DocPro workflow management software, it is possible for the organization to achieve process automation and control, without a great deal of manual intervention.

In simple terms, DocPro Workflow Management System streamlines business processes and helps a company operate more swiftly and efficiently.

An upsurge in the business results is propelling demand for integrated applications and procedures. Organizations need to integrate their systems to exchange information between trade partners as well as other businesses. Since organizations today need a system that can respond fast to unexpected changes and at the same time make it convenient to deal with multiple partners, DocPro workflow automation software comes with all capabilities to support such demands.

Why Your Business Need Workflow Management System?

Chrome Infosoft believes that technology is an important link between processes and people. Technology is the only solution that can help an organization reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and enhance employee as well as customer satisfaction. DocPro workflow management software can be configured to meet all types of business processes.

Some of the common reasons why your business needs DocPro Workflow Management Software are:

  • Tracking, logging, and resolving customer complaints, workplace frauds, workplace violations, and more with ease. Hence, DocPro workflow automation software is essential to manage various incidences at the workplace.
  • Offering a central repository for all legal issues and track the status of the case, route cases to appropriate professionals for approval and review, and manage case documents.
  • Vital case documents, data files, video files, manage and track review workflow to identify sensitive information and keep it secured.
  • Customer sales representatives can use DocPro Workflow Management Software to enter request details, route important cases to the specific department, and track the status of requests to meet the concerned SLAs. As a result, this enhances their productivity and boosts customer satisfaction.


Easy Workflow Configuration

Create your own workflows as per your processes. Easy to configure even very complex workflows.

Checklists and Audits

You can configure checklists for each work activity, so the users do not miss any critical tasks associated with the process. Audit lists can be configured for audit users.

Real-time dashboards

You get real-time information on all your processes. You can take corrective action before it is too late.

Set priority

Priority tasks can be set so that such tasks are processed earlier than others.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and notifications engine so that right people get the right information at the right time

Collaboration features

DocPro Workflow has many collaboration features that allow users to work as teams without losing any information.


DocPro offers end-to-end solutions to businesses including implementing, integrating, and consulting, supporting, training, and managing workflow automation. Our experienced developers and experts have offered numerous complex IT projects for workflow automation. Some of the major benefits that you get using DocPro workflow management software are:

Access to information in the least possible time. With easy access to the information, you can report statuses and track outputs in a simple manner.

You can define a priority for each task. Once high priority assignments enter the queue, the same would be notified to employees. Accordingly, the employees can complete these tasks first.

The potential to embed internal controls in the system is another amazing benefit of DocPro. This is of great help particularly when regulations become more complicated.

DocPro enables specialists and subject matter experts to emphasize the tasks they require to, freeing them up for most critical matters.

Automated notifications make sure employees know when tasks are pending. Tasks assigned to the workers on breaks can be conveniently delegated.

Enhance improvement on a regular basis with flexibility.

Design business procedures to handle changes.

Carry out intricate transactions.

Maintain centralized work lists.

Send correct information to the concerned parties.

Helps to save time as well as prevent bottlenecks.

Monitor the progress of all processes.

Reduce expenditure with change

Ability to manage processes from a single place.

Continuous improvement in the process efficiency by taking proactive actions like allocation more resources or reducing redundant activities.

At Chrome Infosoft we make sure first to understand the way your business manages the work processes. Our experienced team members study and understand the various processes and applications involved in your business. We then configure DocPro Workflow Management Software and make it as convenient as possible for your business. DocPro is perfect for all functions in the organization like Procurement: e.g. Procure to Pay, Accounting: e.g. Accounts Payable, HR: e.g. Employee Onboarding, Sales: e.g. Contract Management etc.

DocPro Workflow enables organizations to conveniently craft solutions to combat the challenges of a dynamic market environment and complex business processes often driven by risks, compliance, and governance. No two businesses are the same and face similar challenges. That is why we offer a flexible workflow solution that is effective in helping companies to configure their own business processes.

With DocPro Workflow, companies can model, automate, and easily and regularly enhance processes and route all sorts of information based on business rules and regulations in a simple and an efficient manner.

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