Pharma: Physical Documents Storage Using DocPro RMS

Pharma: Physical Documents Storage Using DocPro RMS

Documentation in Pharmaceutical Industry

Documentation is a very important process for any pharmaceutical company. Invention of medicines that benefits millions of people requires a lot of research, time and documentation. It takes a lot of time for identification of correct compounds, their quantity and testing. All the combinations require to be properly documented.

The Pharma industry produce a lot of documentation from patient’s insurance files, most up-to-date information on thousands of prescription drugs, documentation regarding testing of drugs on animals, side effects of drugs, supply of drugs and many more.

Storage of Documents for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies need to efficiently manage and control their documents for greater business efficiency. All such documents produced need to be stored in secure locations with proper access control processes.

Maintenance of file records and tracing of files stored at different locations becomes very tedious and sometimes results in failure to locate the files. As a result, a lot of time was spent for searching the files that demotivated the client employees who requested for it. Tracking of documents using best records management practices was imperative to improve the records management operation for the client.

DocPro RMS for Records Room Management

DocPro RMS system was the solution for all the records related problems faced by the client.

DocPro Records Management system helped client to ensure a rapid and compelling return on investment while reducing the risks and costs in managing and retrieving physical record assets. DocPro RMS helped authorised users to track the location of the document stored.

Using DocPro RMS, the containers consisting files and documents as well as the items can be tracked. The data import option enabled the client to upload bulk data into the system thus reducing the time required for making entries as they were compelled to do before.

DocPro comes with a separate panel that can be used for searching, creating, updating and destroying the work order requests. As features like pick validate and delivery update was available, the client gets real time access to the required data.

By reducing the amount of time spent on unnecessary tasks such as locating the records, shrinking the chances of human error in maintenance of records, and allowing more people to be involved in research, the client was able to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve communication with employees simply through using DocPro records management system.

Benefits of DocPro - Records Management System

  • Retrieve and Dispose records effectively.
  • Reduction in paper stockpile
  • Real time access to data
  • Records accountability
  • Improved security and traceability
  • Management and control
  • Web based- Easy access to crucial information.
  • Cuts cost and saves time

Flow Diagram for Physical Documents Storage Using DocPro RMS

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