Workflow Automation – All You Need To Know!

Workflow Automation – All You Need To Know!

Workflow Automation – All You Need To Know!

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For the majority of businesses, easy setup procedure, well-managed processes, and workflow automation have become a necessity. It is the need of the hour to eliminate all time consuming and repetitive tasks to ensure that the business processes run smoothly while ensuring that rules are being enforced. It is the only way to make most out of the time.

In order to bring ease in performance and bring simplicity to your workflow processes, the first thing that comes to mind is workflow automation. With the automation of workflow processes, you can handle most challenging aspects of your businesses in a more efficient way and reap more productive outcomes.

What is Workflow Automation?

In simple terms, workflow automation is the simplest way to help businesses perform their tasks more efficiently and help them to save time. Automating tasks imply to determine ways to avoid wasting time by having automated tools to perform the tasks for you, like sending emails, creating alerts, distributing tasks, and more.

Workflow automation is related to the design, execution, and automation of procedures based on workflow rules where data, files, or human tasks are routed between systems or people based on pre-defined rules of business.

It is an excellent way to help you handle all business processes like internal scenarios, resources, and processes so that there is less consumption of time and more delivery of productive solutions. It also helps with reports that help you analyze a lot of data to help track your business progress. This makes it convenient for businesses to cut- off wastage, enhance performance, and eventually grow their business revenue for the long-term.

Why Does Your Business Need Workflow Automation?

By automating workflow processes of your business, particularly those that are managed manually by employees, you can obtain significant improvement for your business. Some of the major reasons to bring workflow automation to your business are:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Increased Productivity
  • High Accuracy
  • Absolute Job Satisfaction

Hence, if you want all these benefits for your business, then the workflow automation process is the way to go.

How does Workflow automation work?

To understand the functioning of the workflow automation process, you need to understand how it works and how you can include it in your business processes.

Let us consider an example here to make it easier for you to understand the working of the workflow automation process.

Consider that your company sells laptops. With a successful workflow automation process, it would be possible for you to ensure that:

  • Track calls of your customers and asks customer executives to make necessary arrangements.
  • Ask sales representatives to make order easily through your site for the latest laptop.
  • Offer customers different platforms to make orders, like through phone, online or getting contact details from your website.
  • Once the order is done, your customer care team will process it automatically to them in the phase of the process.
  • The team will prepare the order, check it, and leave it for shipment.
  • The shipment agent will make a delivery to the customer.

The process is simple, but workflow automation can help all these processes to come together smoothly. Also, it will make sure that each phase occurs fast and as smoothly as possible while eliminating manual roadblocks. Workflow automation helps to coordinate various processes to access the workload of each task and ensuring that there is properly cooperating across companies.

This tool ensures that the risks of failure are minimized while efficiency is maximized. All this ensures that your set timeline targets can be achieved in a more efficient way with minimum human intervention. With workflow automation, it becomes easier for you to plan and prepare for each part of the business. (read more)

Building a Workflow Automation Process

With an easily configurable workflow, it is possible to plan an automated workflow for your business. You can design the workflow through the web browser while using the tools therein to enhance the existing business processes. In most of the cases, the process is described in a stable format and analyzed by stakeholders for accuracy. Once you finalize the static design, the work begins by designing an actual process including tasks, recipients, forms, alerts, and more.

Features of Our Workflow Automation Tool

Using our workflow automation tool can help you avail numerous features, such as:

  • Workflow designer: Intuitive workflow designer
  • Form modelling: Easy to use form designer
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Robust KPI based reporting: To identify bottlenecks
  • Dashboards: Status indicators to identify processes that need your attention
  • Notifications: Email alerts for quick intervention
  • Configurable Checklists and Audit Points: Checklist and audit points for users so that they don’t miss critical action items
  • Prioritize certain records: Set the priority of records for faster turnaround

Complex or Simple, Workflow Automation is Possible

Workflow automation is possible for simple as well as intricate processes. It is possible to encompass distinct workflow resources and tasks altogether through a set of business rules. For example, it is possible for an employee to request a client approval for capital expenditure with a click of a button.

So, no matter what is your business scale and how simple and intricate the procedures are, workflow automation is possible under all conditions and for all industry verticals.

The Doc Pro Workflow Software, designed by Chrome Infosoft is one of the best and can offer your business with numerous benefits. The workflow process can be automated to replace manual procedures. It can help run workflows efficiently and in a central end-user interface.

Moreover, it can provide data visibility as well as establish robust management control over business procedures. You can use it to optimize and enhance business processes continuously while streamlining bottlenecks. With workflow automation, it is possible to manage numerous workflow versions efficiently in the dynamic business environment and dynamically change rules through the configurator to ensure that the business operations are conducted in a smooth manner.

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